2019 Anglers

Tadd Vandemark & Travis Tucker

Tadd Vandemark

When it comes to competitive fishing you must have passion, drive, patience, and determination. Tadd VanDemark has all of those and he has proven it time and again.

Tadd VanDemark is a Florida angler who has been in the business of competitive and guided charter angling for almost twenty years. Captain Tadd was born in Champaign, Illinois but eventually moved down to the Florida Keys. It was here that he started his first guided charter business and he remained a Keys resident for over twelve years. He then moved up to the southwest coast of Florida, kept his charters going, and is now in his 19th year as a guided charter captain.

The charter business wasn’t Tadd’s only claim to fame. His inherently competitive nature led him to tour all over the southern United States competing in redfish tournaments. He is the champion of the 2006 FLW Redfish Championship, won the 2007 FLW Team of the Year, and was the runner up Team of the Year for the Elite 50 Redfish Tour. Additionally, Captain Tadd has major wins on several different tournament trails along with fourteen Top 5 finishes and is one of the top five money winners in Redfish tournament history.

Captain Tadd is not only a successful redfish champion and charter captain, he now has a successful television show as well. Tadd goes fishing in various locations along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts during his new hit television show – “True Fishing”. His passion for fishing and his expertise in every form of angling is evident in each episode. Tadd’s highly organized, interactive, and detailed manner will keep you entertained throughout the entire show while also teaching you about different species of fish and how to catch them.

Captain Tadd’s professional career as a competitive tournament angler and as a charter captain cum television show host are just a few of the areas in which he has been successful. Captain Tad is also involved in giving back to the angling community with his participation in other ventures such as setting up fishing tournaments for children, hosting seminars, and participating with local charities. 

Tadd is sponsored by some top brands as well such as, Stiffy, Bimini Bay, Engel Coolers, Power Pole, Bert’s Black Widow, Dolphin Boats, Marine Guardian, and many more! Tadd is a strong contender from the Legacy group of invitees to the 2019 Redfish World Series and he may very well be the “old guy” that takes it all with his Florida partner – Travis Tucker.


Travis Tucker

Travis Tucker was born in Lake Wales, Florida and started fishing when he was about five years old. He and his dad fished hundreds of hours in the creeks and ponds of central Florida catching bluegill, bass, and crappie. Sometimes he even skipped school to chase after those big bass that populate the lakes and ponds of his boyhood stomping grounds. As he grew up, advanced through school, and went on to college Travis was persistently involved with competitive sports so it was a logical leap for him to become involved in competitive angling.

His angling career began in 2006 when he realized that he was doing as well on his weekend jaunts with friends and family as the guys that were winning tournaments. He was attracted to the competition of it all and it wasn’t long before he was a recognized name in the sport. He won the IFA Punta Gorda, the Flatsmasters Elite Championship, and has numerous Top Five and Top Ten finishes over the years.

He and Tadd VanDemark have known each other for over ten years and both respect the other’s angling abilities and knowledge. They knew even before they were asked that if they were invited to the 2019 Redfish World Series that they would fish together should that coveted invitation come their way.

When asked how he felt about the joining the competition for the 2019 RWS Tucker said:

“It is truly humbling and gratifying getting invited to fish against the very best redfish teams in the sport.  It is even more meaningful being invited to the very first RWS event! The RWS has done something no other redfish series has ever done – they have assembled the very best teams in the sport to compete for the opportunity to truly be called the best. The four-day event format also helps establish the best team. It’s hard enough to win single day events and four days requires consistent performance as well as the execution of several completely different strategies to stay on top.”

Travis currently resides in Bartow, FL with his wife, Catherine, daughters Elizabeth and Emily, and their two dogs Chloe and Bo. He works at Stallings Crop Insurance as an agent and for A Band of Anglers.