2019 Anglers

Josh Hall & Mitch Chevalier

Joshua Hall

Metairie, LA

Born and raised in southern Louisiana, I grew up fishing with my dad and uncle. Having a love for fishing was family-strong. And when I was about 16 years old my dad gave me the reigns to the boat. As long as I didn’t cause trouble and practiced safety he had no problem letting me do my thing. This is when the passion really erupted. I soon met Mitchell Chevalier and we became best of friends as we shared the same love for fishing. We began competing in trout tournaments with much success and later moved on to the world of competitive redfish tournaments. With a slight learning curve, we started to connect at the brain as a team and knew every move each other would make without thinking about it. This gives us the ability to approach every decision efficiently. Throughout the past 5 years we have had 3 wins and many top ten finishes.

The Redfish World Series is a premier format and system for America’s top current teams to compete head to head. There are no other events quite like it. Not only will the event showcase the best fishery in the world but it also promotes good sportsmanship among fellow anglers as well as our youth. I am proud to be a part of the Redfish World Series.

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Mitchell Chevalier

Metairie, LA

I grew up fishing the surrounding waters of New Orleans, LA. Ever since I could ride a bike, I’ve spent many days catching reds and trout along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain. As the years went on, I spent my summers on my dad’s commercial fishing boat picking through piles of shrimp learning what every fish was. The more time spent on the water, the more my passion for fising grew. Now  it runs through my veins and will never fade. Being a fan of catching anything on a hook, my two favorite fish to catch are redfish and cobia. I especially love sight fishing for them. There is nothing more exciting than when a big fish smokes your lure in crystal clear water.

I met Josh Hall fishing one night at a local trout hot spot called Seabrook. Ever since then he has been the closest thing to a brother I have ever had. We literally fished every night there foe a while. We started fishing trout tournaments together and had some success before we ever tried redfish tournaments. We got into the sight fishing world and fell in love. We soon found competitive redfishing and fished a few redfish tournaments until we clicked. With a little fine tuning we have been making a name for ourselves fishing up against some of the biggest names in the redfish world.

The Redfish World Series is in a class of its own. The event has the eyes of so many anglers as it spotlights an elite group of anglers while growing a great name for the sport. I am very happy to be a part of such a well put together event.

Sponsors- Sportsmen’s Ice | Waterfront Wealth Management | Lake Catherine Island Marina | Seatow NOLA | Matrix Shad