2019 Anglers

Joe Wortham & Randy Lane

Joe Wortham


I was born in Alabama, then moved to Florida at a very young age. One of my earliest memories was when my mom would take us to the local lake to fish and I LOVED IT! Right then I knew fishing was going to be a very important part of my life.

Later we moved from South Florida to Titusville and I met some guys and started talking fishing. One of them asked me if I had ever caught a redfish. I said “No whats that?” They laughed at me then invited me to go fish with them. I found out what a redfish was that day. From that moment on I was hooked. At the age of 15 I saved enough money to buy my first boat and never looked back.

After fishing for a while and figuring things out I was ready for for the local tournaments.The thrill and rush I got fishing tournaments always left me craving for more. Before long I was traveling all over Florida fishing the different tournament series making a name for myself.

Biggest Influence

 I would have to say my dad Bret is my biggest influence. He would let me tag along when he and my uncle Dean would go bass fishing and sometimes even offshore. I just loved to fish.

Tournament Series 

The FLW Redfish Tour – HT Redfish Series – IFA Redfish Tour – The Lucas Oil Redfish Tournament Series – The Elite Redfish Series – The Extreme Redfish Series – Coastal Redfish Series – Fish Skinz Redfish tournament – Florida Pro Redfish Series


 I have enjoyed success fishing these top tier tournaments including back to back Team of the year wins in the Coastal Redfish Series as well a several other wins and high placings along the way.


 I have enjoyed my relationships and working with these great sponsors:

BT Welding – Orange Star Rods – Exude – Lowrance – Yamaha – Tailin Toads – Life Guard Lanyards – Power Pole Shallow Water Anchors


Randy Lane


My first fishing trip happened when I was 5 or 6 years old.  My dad took me and my 4 brothers to a pond with cane poles and worms.  It didn’t take long before the competition was on.  Bluegill and catfish were flying everywhere.  I don’t recall who won, but, it was the start of a lifelong passion.

My buddies and I would fish in anything or anywhere.  Once we found a 6-foot boat someone had cut in half that had caulked a piece of plywood on the back.  That sucker leaked like a sieve, but it didn’t matter to us.  We would stand in the front of the boat, trying to keep the back end out of the water while using shovels for paddles. We might have been idiots, but we were catching bass.

[Fast forward]I did not start fishing competitively till I was in m 50’s.  I had some great partners, and we did pretty well finishing first or placing in the money in numerous local and charity tournaments.  Moving to larger competitions, we had 1st and 2ndplace finishes in the Florida Pro and a 2nd place IFA finish with numerous top ten and “in the money” finishes.

I was fishing in an IFA championship when I saw this guy, Joe Wortham. He was in a Gheenoe motoring along in at least 3-5 foot seas with temperatures in the low 40’s. I thought to myself “What an idiot!” Although, I have to admit I liked his style.  I knew right away this guy and I would eventually become fishing partners. We both like to fish and are willing to fish in anything or anywhere and do whatever it takes to win, or at least be in the mix.

As a team we kind of level each other out.  For example, when something unexpected happens like when the hook just won’t stay hooked, Joe can get- well shall we say- a bit stressed.  That’s where my more laid back demeanor kicks in.

The two of us are extremely proud to be selected to fish the first Redfish World Series and hope to represent the sport in a positive manner.  You know, I think it would be kind of cool if a couple of die-hard fishing idiots, like me and Ole Joe, could pull this off and be the first to win this event.