2019 Anglers

Cole Starr & Brent Juarez

Cole Starr

From: Shoreacres Tx

My brother Chad and I are the owners of Coastline Marine and Coastline Custom Aluminum in Seabrook, Tx since 2008.

I started fishing early with my dad and brother Chad in Galveston Bay. It wasn’t long before I became addicted to competitive redfishing and hooked up with my partner Brent Juarez.

We have been tournament partners for over 10 years fishing local and national redfish series in TX, LA, and MS.

As a team, we have numerous wins and numerous Top 10 finishes throughout our career.  We have total career earnings of over $100,000.  We got started fishing together when Brent and Chad Starr (my brother) fished together 13 years ago.

Being selected to fish the RWS is a huge accomplishment and really humbling to be thought of one of the best teams in the sport.  We have put in hundreds of hours on the water away from our families and its pretty awesome to realize that all the hard work paid off in the end.

We both feel that the Redfish World Series will positively impact the redfish tournament scene by added more national attention to our sport and hopefully bring back huge sponsors to our sport.

Capt. Brent Juarez

From: Baytown Tx

Full time husband to wife Shawnna and father to daughter Emma.  Part time fishing guide and work full time at Chevron Phillips Chemical

Started fishing at a young age with my father John in the upper reaches of Trinity bay.  Grew up throwing strictly artificial lures and trying to teach clients the different methods to catch fish on lures.

I contribute a huge part of my success to Cole and Chad. They have backed me from the beginning.  Along with being great fishermen and businessmen, they have been truly great friends for a long time.  I can’t say enough good things about both of them and wish nothing but success for them in the future.

I actually started tournament fishing with Cole’s brother Chad about 13 years ago. Cole was still in college and Chad was at work so Cole would come prefish with me and then head back to school on the weekend when Chad came in to fish the tournament.  Chad later got married and started a family, Cole graduated college and we have been fishing together ever since.  I think we are one of the longest running teammates on any tour.

I love sight fishing the marshes of LA but my bread and butter is fishing deep-water schools in Galveston Bay.  Although I have laid low on the trout tournament scene the last few years I have 2 team of the year titles in trout competitions under my belt in the Galveston area.  Cole and I have a pre-tournament ritual of going to play golf on Thursday before the captain’s meeting and on the way there we stop off to get Tiger Blood snow cones ( just some crazy stuff we do as a team).


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