The importance of an accurate, standard, and very public ranking system for the competitive redfish teams of the country cannot be overstated. Thus, the introduction of the RWS National Ranking System.

To accumulate points teams must remain intact. (Example: A + B fish together and A also fishes with C. This would constitute two teams – AB and AC – even though one of the members is the same. So, Team AB could accumulate points and Team AC could accumulate points, but Angler A would not be able to combine points from both team’s efforts.

For 2019 the RWS National Ranking System will recognize Six Tour Divisions and One Wild Card Division. The number of qualifying teams from each division is listed in parentheses beside the Divisions below.  Each Qualifying Team will earn an invitation to the 2020 RWS. The Divisions are as follows: (Click on any Tour Division to see Current Standings)

  1. IFA Redfish Tour (Top 7 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  2. Elite Redfish Series (Top 8 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  3. Power Pole Pro Redfish Tour (Top 6 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  4. Saltwater Angler Redfish Series (Top 3 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  5. Rudy’s Pro Redfish Tour (Top 4 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  6. Southern Redfish Cup (Top 4 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)
  7. Wild Card (Top 10 Teams Qualify) (COMPLETED)

The Wild Card Division will be comprised of the top ten teams that accumulate points from more than one Tour Division. For example; a team may not accumulate enough points on a single tour to qualify in that division but by virtue of accumulating points from additional divisions they could qualify as a Top Ten in the Wild Card Division.

Points will be awarded to the Top Ten finishers in each event of each Tour Division as follows;

1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points, and so on by one-point increments down to 10th = 1 point. Every Wednesday the RWS will post the running points total of every Division so every team will know exactly where they stand throughout the year.

At the end of the year, the qualifying teams in each of the six Tour Divisions and the Wild Card Division will earn an invitation to the RWS for the following year.


**Wild Card Update June 3, 2019**

A team that has qualified in one of the completed tour divisions and is also on the Wild Card list will be removed from the Wild Card list since they are already qualified. This makes the Wild Card slots available to more teams that are willing to compete on more than one tour to acquire points. If, at the end of the year, additional Wild Card slots remain open management, at their sole discretion, will invite additional teams to fill those slots.


  1. Ties in the Divisions with a designated Championship will be decided by highest finish in the Championship event of that tour.
  2. Ties in Tour Divisions without a designated Championship will be decided by the highest finish in any single event within that Division.
  3. Ties in the Wild Card Division will be decided by the highest single finish in any Division.
  4. If the highest finish is also a tie, the second highest finish will be used to determine the winner. If still tied, the third finish will be used and so on.
  5. If the teams remain in a tie (i.e identical finishes over all events) then the heaviest total weight of a single event by each team would break the tie. For Tour Divisions the weight is from an event within that division. For the Wild Card it can be from an event from any division.